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What kind of spices does SpiceStor™ hold?
SpiceStor™ Organizer fits most standard rounds containers, sizes 1.5" to 2.25". 

How many spices can a SpiceStor™ hold?
The full page SpiceStor™ Organizer can hold up to 40 small jars, or 20 large jars.  A variety of layouts can be made based on type of spice collection you have.
The half page SpiceStor™ Organizer can hold up to 20 small jars, or 10 large jars.  Clips can be arranged on SpiceStor™ page to accommodate the spice collection you have.

How much space do I need to use the SpiceStor™ Organizer?
10.5" x 4.5" x 10" 
SpiceStor™ is ideal for kitchen cabinets with a depth of 10.75" or more.  Each double-sided populated page occupies about 4 1/2" of horizontal cabinet space.  You may need to raise or lower your cabinet shelf to best accommodate the SpiceStor™ page height.

What do I get when I order a SpiceStor™ Organizer?
The full page SpiceStor™ Organizer packaging will include 1 SpiceStor page, 1 hanger, 40 container clips, 3 screws, a page alignment clip and setup instructions.  Spices and containers are not included.

How do I install SpiceStor™ to my cabinets?
Read steps 1 through 8 before beginning installation

1.  Organize your containers and snap them into SpiceStor™ clip strips.
2.  Temporarily position your strips and clips on each side of the page to test your layout.
3.  When satisfied with the layout, mark positions with a pencil.
4.  Remove the tape backing, carefully position strip to marks and parallel with the bottom edge of page and push down firmly to secure.

If the spice containers are laid out such that they form a flat stable bottom surface, the SpiceStor™ page can independently stand by itself nicely.  The majority of SpiceStor™ users use it in this way and by far this is the quickest way to use SpiceStor™. 

But there are good reasons to hang the SpiceStor™ page underneath a cabinet shelf. It can provide a dedicated spot to store the page; it will hold your SpiceStor™ page even if your layout does not have a flat stable bottom; it will even allow you to use SpiceStor™ pages if spices are only mounted on one side or the weight is unbalanced from side-to-side. But by far the most common reason for using the hanger is to suspend the SpiceStor™ (Full or Half or Quarter sized) pages above other larger or odd size cabinet items to utilize more of the available space.

5.  Place the populated SpiceStor™ page (with the hanger in the T-slot) such that pulling the page forward does not interfere with the frame of the 
     cabinet, hinges or other object.
6.  On the shelf directly above the page hanger – lightly mark the edges of the hanger.
7.  Best to pull out the shelf so that you can accurately position it parallel to shelf ¬¬-edges.
8.  Remove the tape backing, carefully align and press down firmly to secure the hanger.

I have glass spice bottles, which makes the page heavy.  Will the double stick tape on the hanger and on the clips hold?
The hangers’ double-sided tape is an industrial grade rubber adhesive capable of holding as much as 15 lbs/hanger on clean, non-porous surfaces typical of most cabinet shelves. This is more than adequate for most SpiceStor™ installations. However, a few users have reported that the hanger tape does not always hold over time on some surfaces (composite board, plywood or unfinished rough surfaces) or when large numbers of heavy glass spices are used.

1.  Place the hanger and tape to shelf per instructions.
2.  Using a small screwdriver, insert screws, slightly screw them into plastic hanger and then when they are touching the shelf – tap with a 
     hammer to start them into the shelf material.
3.  Screw them in until the screw head is flush with the plastic hanger track and does not interfere with the page sliding in and out.

My page does not hang straight because of the uneven weight distribution.  How can I fix this?
The page may not hang perfectly vertical if the weight on each side of the page is not balanced. We provide a 1/2” U-clip w/tape that can act as a guide and hold the page perfectly vertical when installed to the rear wall of the cabinet. 

1.  Remove the tape backing from the U-clip guide.
2.  Clip the U-clip guide onto the page near the bottom back corner.
3.  Carefully slide the page (while keeping it vertical) into the hanger until the guide tape adheres to the back wall of the cabinet.
4.  Each time you slide the page into the hanger – make sure it snaps into the guide so that it can hold the page perfectly vertical.

I want to remove the clips on my spice page, as well as the hanger from my cabinet.  How can I remove them?
SpiceStor™ uses a strong synthetic rubber based tape adhesive. To remove a hanger or clip - using a dull knife pry between the plastic surface of the clip or hanger and the thick foam – you're trying to separate the hanger or clip from the foam not the foam from the shelf - being careful not to scratch the shelf finish. The adhesive will likely come off more easily from the plastic clip or hanger than from the shelf or page. The secret for removing this type of adhesive is to use Mineral Spirits to dissolve the rubber. Using a Q-tip or a paper towel liberally apply mineral spirits to the exposed tape. The goal is to soak it and let the solvent soak through the tape for about 15-20 minutes. When mostly dried out – apply additional mineral spirits to tape again. Find an edge and using your finger roll-back the tape onto itself. You may be able to pull the tape off in its entirety or roll-back sections as needed. Replacement tape can be found at local hardware stores or the Internet.

What materials are the SpiceStor™ Organizers made of?
SpiceStor™ clips are made out of HDPE (High Density polyethylene) and the SpiceStor™ pages are made out of HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene).  Both materials are recyclable.

How do I arrange the SpiceStor™ clips to the SpiceStor™ page?

Click here for downloadable version of layout options.

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