About Us

Sensible Designs Online Inc. is a start up founded in Orland Park, IL in 2010 as an industrial design-oriented company bent on producing a line of unique products that solve common everyday household challenges in reasonable and affordable ways – hence “Sensible Designs”.

SpiceStor™ Organizer System evolved as a very unique way to solve the problem of organizing all those spices and jars in your kitchen cabinets. It’s very effective and inexpensive – expandable and fits many storage scenarios. It‘s a "solution" to a common problem not just a one-off product.

As an engineering and design-oriented company, Sensible Designs vision is to become one of the leading housewares and home hardware SOLUTION providers in the industry. We’ve got lots of ideas and the energy to make them happen! Not afraid to think out of the box and stand on the edge.

We are a relatively new company and SpiceStor™ has only been out for a short time but sales, feedback and interest just couldn’t be better. We owe a lot of our success to our desire to really build something that makes sense – both from a functional and cost standpoint. Also, doesn’t hurt that we design, manufacture, market and distribute our own quality products. We provide consumers with affordable high quality products that are "100% Made in AMERICA" and are backed by a no-questions asked money back guarantee. With the economy the way it is customers appreciate this and support us.

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