•Organize your spices in minutes! Instantly find what you need
   without rearranging.                
• Any layout variation up to 40 small or 20 large spices per 
   organizer page. Fits all standard round sizes containers.  
   Click here to see some layout tips!     
• Versatile SpiceStor™ organizer hangs from you cabinet 
   shelf or can stand independently on a pantry shelf, 
  in a deep drawer or on your countertop when needed.    
• Add additional SpiceStor™ units side-by-side for easy 
   storage expansion.  
• Store 100+ spices in a single small kitchen upper cabinet. 
   A real space saver.    
• Easy installation, no tools required. Click here for a demo 
   installation video.
• Made from recycled/recyclable materials. High quality, 
   unbreakable and MADE IN AMERICA
A handy little gizmo!  You will be pleased with the results of SpiceStor.
- Candy from Custer, Michigan

SpiceStor made Thanksgiving a breeze!  I could find everything I needed and my cabinet is organized. I want and need another one!
- Fran from San Diego, CA

This SpiceStor is exactly what I was looking for.  So easy to set up and install! I can now get into my spice cabinet without bottles falling all over the place.
- Mimi from Boston, MA

Now when I need a specific spice or herb it doesn't take me forever looking through all my bottles. I just pull out an organizer that has what I'm looking for on it, use it, and then snap the herb or spice back on. SpiceStor is very easy and very convenient!
- Mitchell from Portland, OR

I was so frustrated with the lack of space my spices were squeezed into. SpiceStor has been REALLY helpful! I now have space to spread the bigger items out and I'm no longer knocking spices off the shelf trying to grab something in the back.
- Megan from Cleveland, OH
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